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Welcome; this blog section is for providing users with context to operating Prudential Markets platform.

We recommend individuals checkout our "About Us" section, as well as platform terms and conditions.

As a Canadian company our core values of culture very much include multi-linguistics and multi-cultural participation and influence.  As so we at Prudential Market make it our goal to provide a structured platform that will allow for language translations and regional identifiable content functioned and by web users browsers abilities and set preferences.  This will require the acceptance of cookies and providing our google analytics with browser setting information; plus browser and translation app capabilities of 2020 are pretty next level.      

Navigating Prudential Markets Web Store:

Icons Used by Prudential Market:

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart

This Icon will function link to view cart; as items are selected for checkout the bubble will increase in number and items will be listed in cart; view cart to proceed to checkout

Search Bar

The Search Bar

The search bar is located at the top of Prudential Markets pages and offers enterprise class search capabilities for web traffic.

We encourage use of the search bar as it is the fastest way to navigate our platform directly to a product, message, review or blog posting.

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

Common and familiar social media icons; follow these icons to feeds and social profiles of Prudential Market and active Sponsor's.

Add Content

The Add Content Button

This Icon will function ability to select documents from your local resources to send to us; see contact us page for it and function

Submit Button

The Submit Button

The submit button is used to finalize form completion and accept submission; the button appears on the "Contact Us" page as well.

Upon function of button, request will be sent to our servers, form cleared and user returned to Prudential Markets home page.

Newsletter Subsciption

Newsletter Subscription

This bar will allows members to enroll or remove themselves from newsletter mailings.

The Sections of Prudential Market:

Home Profile

Home View

  • 1 - Prudential Market Catalog Category Selection Bar - Each title links to its associated contents
  • 2 - Browse by Price Selection Bar - be experimental and category free, browse randomly by price
  • as menus changes, section twos area highlights ways to filter results
  • 3 - Featured Products; this section highlight various products from Prudential Markets catalog we figure are worth noting; as categories progress related feature content should become more category relevant
  • 4 - Home Page Carousel; this features bulletins important at current; the Carousel is not always guaranteed to be utilized, it's completely up to campaign agreements set by management, however; if and when the Carousel is used it will display image bulletins for three to seven individual frames; content may or may not include a hyperlink to additional information, and due to nature of image file must be rendered in different language for  recognition and translation ability by browser
  • 5 - Top Menu Links - These links are provide to all Web-Traffic; members will also see "My Account" and "Our Newsletter" links available; *Note Our Newsletter highlights activity of newsletter not the newsletter itself, this is free to all site members
  • 6 - The Search Bar; enterprise class search power for Prudential Markets platform
  • 7 - The Checkout cart; click to jump to view cart before proceeding to checkout
Category Page

Category View

  • 1 - Category Icons; each icon it titled to represent a category genera and supported by a visual representation of a product example in icon form
  • 2 - Footer links; shortcuts to important and commonly accessed platform pages such as; blog, terms and conditions and more; the footer section also holds subscription links to Prudential Markets newsletter as well as social media feeds. Other important announcements and partner recognitions are potential to display in this region
  • 3 - Newsletter subscription and subscription tool - simply apply your email address to tool and function by clicking play button
  • 4 - Login - the underlined word "Login?" acts the link to sign-in popup; this will log in registered users or provide access for individuals to signup
  • 5 - Social Media Links - each identifiable platform link outbound when activated to our profile pages on such platforms.  These platforms administrate their own polices and as so may block users connectivity outside Prudential Markets control, but the links are provided for others to find us on other social platforms
Product View

Product View

  • 1 - Category Menu Navigation; similar to the functions of root folder structures on PC's, use the individual titles to link back through category depths
  • 2 - Product Image - Hover cursor over image to enlarge
  • 3 - Product Details - Review Product Detail such as Part ID and Quantity in Inventory
  • 4 - Product Options - Available Product Options (Like Size for Clothing)
  • 5 - Product Description and Feature Listing Tabs - More Product Information and Details
  • 6 - Add Product to Cart - Action Submits Product as Option Choices Suggest to Users Shopping Cart
  • 7 - View Cart - As Items are Added to Cart, the Numerical Value will Increase; Click Action on Cart Will Take User to View Cart Contents
  • 7 - Like Product on Our Facebook Feed
  • 8 - Email a Friend a Direct Link to Product Page
Product Pop-out

The Product Pop-out happens from the category listing of the product and provides a fast way to have product request added to cart and proceed back to catalog view and shopping.

  • 1 - Product View; hover cursor over to zoom in on product image
  • 2 - Product Options - use variant selection to change product options and quantity
  • 3 - Add to Cart - Adds Product as Options Suggest to Cart and Closes Pop-out Window
  • 4 - More Details - Proceeds to Product Page

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