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Prudential Market is a registered tradename and division of 2143284 Alberta Inc.

2143284 Alberta Inc., and its shareholders aim to be an ethically responsible business operators, employers and in general residence of planet Earth; though our business operations may migrate between on and off corporate property, and involve others in various forms of relation; we will always stand committed to the protection of life, property and environment in all of our business operations.

We accomplish this by complying with local legislation or jurisdictional regulations in all stages of planning, executing, monitoring, and auditing business operations. 

As additional goals 2143284 Alberta Inc., and its shareholders, target improving quality of life for community through various 2143284 Alberta Inc. resources; see our Prudential Market's Sponsors Program and Project 2127440

Randy Pollitt

Our Curator Team:

 Randy Pollitt

As President I am current acting sole Curator

I am a wild mix of various backgrounds and skills develop over the last 20 years from personal interests and gainful employment in both customer services establishments as well as western Canada's energy industry.  

I've always been a tech geek; on a PC in '84, however my unique history and life experiences are what have molded me to understand many dynamics behind customer service excellence, as well as planning, communicating and providing proper supervision for handling hazardous tasks and extreme conditions.    

Self motivation and patients in understanding have always been two of my best traits, and in 2015  I put both to the test and invested my self into Alberta Power Engineering program; which provided me with the skills for my personal design of corporate Project 2127440; a Nitrogen Catalyst Pyrolysis method for converting waste plastic into oil on a high efficient modular and mobile platform; but my story doesn't stop there, seems It only starts.  

As great as project 2127440 is, those self motivation and planning skills of mine have continued to press out Prudential Market.  Circumstances of 2020's pandemic set my sights in motion on building something of potential and opportunity for small and medium sized business being devastated by the pandemic; and  Prudential Market's Sponsor's Program is the highlight of that brain storm; and my full priority of 2021 as it brings restoring community benefit now.  

Our Founding Shareholders

Randy Pollitt

President and Founder

Michael Berg

Founding Shareholder

Carey Hourie

Founding Shareholder

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