Prudential Market operates along with other tools and conduits such as,, tradeshows and live events to allow member merchants of Prudential Markets Sponsor Program opportunity to interact, showcase, and sell to end consumers. Merchant business owners/operators enroll annually with Prudential Markets Sponsor Program, as enrolled vendor becomes known as a "Sponsor" and given vendor credentials and contacts to access Prudential Markets business functions and services, explained in the next section below.   

Terms "Prudential" to offer professional advice, and "Market" a place to sell or trade common goods; define our corporate goals, to provide the tools and conduits to safely exchange common consumer goods, as well as provide both consumers merchants with professional advisement.   And our special ingredient to meet our goals are our Sponsor's.  Through a Sponsor's participation in Prudential Market events, features, and promotions professional knowledge is made available to consumers; Sponsor's are provided with an Account Manger and analytical tools, explained below.  

Please Note** Prudential Markets Sponsor Program only recognizes one shipping address and one vendor administrative user per sponsor profile, as so brands with multiple locations will need to register a new sponsor entity for each location of inventory they plan on sharing from.

What's All Included

First starters Sponsor's gain credentials to sell through Prudential Markets channels, next Sponsor's get to access vendor features of, then Sponsor's get to participate Prudential Market promotions when applicable, and rewards all included with membership, with no additional costs.  For additional costs Sponsor's may also access additional member benefits; for example discounts on 3rd party promoted services, or Prudential Market offered services like tradeshow booths, cloud storage, or warehouse space. 

So Many Reasons to Join

Creative Ideas

SMB's wanting to try Pre-orders before manufacturing

Inventory Integrations

Host merchant product in our catalog

List consignment items in our marketplace

Be a Community Hero

Volunteer services and nominate a deserving stakeholder, watch you story 

The key behind the Sponsor's subscription service is recognized registration across our system and secure private communication channel to our site curators.  All aspect of Prudential Market's web-store are controlled by a team of appointed Curators; this secure communication is Prudential Markets gateway to business services.

365 Directory Listing

Hosted by Prudential Market

Digital Marketing

Share Content for Us to Host in Our Publications.

Early Access Registrations

Offer Program Registrations Through Us.

Promotions and Rewards

I would like to put focus on Prudential Markets Promotions and Rewards.  It gets a little complicated but has powerful impacts for consumers, merchants and the communities members of both reside.   

It starts with Prudential Market promotions and promotional schedule.  Each month focuses on a new campaigns and each campaign is themed around different lifestyle needs and awareness's.  Prudential Markets predetermined campaign themes each become opportunity to highlight new rounds of Sponsor's and their offered products as features to consumers.  It's for these campaigns that Prudential Market plans and organizes it's events and marketing efforts, through the participation of Sponsors in said events and marketing efforts Sponsor's receive rewards in the form of "Vested Nomination".  Like it sounds "Vested Nomination" is bypassing remuneration to a nominated non-for-profit organization for vested efforts.  Each nomination is then a claimable portion quotient of a amassed prize pool; Prize pool being 1% of, and gross sales per campaign period.  As an fast recap, Sponsor's participate in Prudential Market promotions or events; they offer feature products, provide promotional contents, co-host events, or send event volunteers and receive reward ballot to extend prize to a non-for-profit organization of their choosing; ballots offered to each members put forth by Sponsor for activities, not just a ballot to Sponsor admin per participation.       


Support our Campaigns by participation; volunteer to offer knowledge, services or support for Prudential Market Campaigns and Events

Vested Nomination

For every First Right Access registered; a vested nomination shall be placed

Activities Qualifying as Registered Participation

Prudential Market Exclusive Deals

Dive our web-traffic crazy with pre-order deals only available on Prudential Market 

Add Inventory to Our Catalog

Offer Catalog Items to Feature During Our Campaigns

Feature Content for Our Newsletter

Provide feature content like coupons for our newsletter

Feature Content for Social Feeds

Provide feature content used in social feeds for campaign announcements

Article for our Newsletter

Provide newsletter content inspirational to readers related to our campaign topics

Volunteer Time for Live Events

What's the Cost

In short about a $1 per day.  The program is subscription based at $356 + tax CND per year plus 6% of all site sales, +1.25% of all shipping charges completed using checkout.  Please note 6% breaks down as 3% as surcharge to payment gateway, 2% in corporate income tax, and 1% to prize pool.  1.25% on shipping is used by Prudential Market to insure handled goods with basic coverage.

To become a member follow the link here: Become a Member

Non Qualifying Activities that Help Sponsors Self Promote

Social Media Feeds

Interact with Prudential Market social media feeds

Our Marketplace

List retired assets in our marketplace

Network with Featured Sponsor's

Create a long term network from featured Sponsor's as they are introduced

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