Our Sponsor's Program is very special to Prudential Market; it is a standard membership that provides access to all of Prudential Market strategic business services.


Choose the right plan that works for you.


Premium Annual Subscription for SMB's

52 Week All Inclusive Access for $728.00+Tax to Prudential Markets Sponsor Program

2 Year

Premium Bi-Annual Subscription for SMB's

104 Week All Inclusive Access  for $1328.00 + Tax to Prudential Markets Sponsor Program

(Best Value for SMB's & SME's)

What's All Included

All Prudential Market Sponsor's plans are all-inclusive, meaning we are offering all of our business to business services on termed contract subscriptions to qualifying applicants; no hidden fees, no future fee's, and no tiered pricing models for selective services; everything included, one low upfront fee.

So Many Reasons to Join

Creative Ideas

SMB's wanting to try Pre-orders before manufacturing

Inventory Integrations

Host merchant product in our catalog

List consignment items in our marketplace

Be a Community Hero

Volunteer services and nominate a deserving stakeholder, watch you story 

The key behind the Sponsor's subscription service is recognized registration across our system and secure private communication channel to our site curators.  All aspect of Prudential Market's web-store are controlled by a team of appointed Curators; this secure communication is Prudential Markets gateway to business services.

365 Directory Listing

Hosted by Prudential Market

Digital Marketing

Share Content for Us to Host in Our Publications.

Early Access Registrations

Offer Program Registrations Through Us.

Keeping it Prudential

Branding is the real goal of business marketing; how and where businesses campaign and operate both work establish their brand.  Our goal at Prudential Market is to market our catalog as well as our distinguished Sponsor's; introducing select groups through our campaigns.  We modeled our campaigns to highlight SMB and community services we believe need more community awareness; with in each campaign we promote sponsors that are specialists in fields of our campaigns along with Sponsor's who's heart draws them to campaigns; point being we model the content for our campaigns from true professionals; this binds association in branding that is only furthered by our programs unique simplicities of Sponsor vested remuneration.  

Prudential Market is a for profit business venture, so how does one partner in the most Prudential way ever; by planning ahead.


Unlike other programs ours comes with serviceable rights exclusive to Prudential Market Sponsor's:

First Right Access

Support our Campaigns by participation; volunteer to offer knowledge, services or support for Prudential Market Campaigns and Events

Vested Nomination

For every First Right Access registered; a vested nomination shall be placed

Activities Qualifying as Registered Participation

Prudential Market Exclusive Deals

Dive our web-traffic crazy with pre-order deals only available on Prudential Market 

Add Inventory to Our Catalog

Offer Catalog Items to Feature During Our Campaigns

Feature Content for Our Newsletter

Provide feature content like coupons for our newsletter

Feature Content for Social Feeds

Provide feature content used in social feeds for campaign announcements

Article for our Newsletter

Provide newsletter content inspirational to readers related to our campaign topics

Volunteer Time for Live Events

Non Qualifying Activities that Help Sponsors Self Promote

Social Media Feeds

Interact with Prudential Market social media feeds

Our Marketplace

List retired assets in our marketplace

Network with Featured Sponsor's

Create a long term network from featured Sponsor's as they are introduced

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