The Prudential Market Platform 

Marketing Platform with Ecommerce and Drop-shipping integrations

Prudential Market facilitates dynamic aspects of communication between purchasers and sellers, and bridges networks of community through those transactions.  The system from the hybrid resources of an ecommerce marketplace and drop-shipping business models to provide new digital marketplace full of opportunity for registered vendors ("Sponsors").  Outside of content exchanged with our platform and digital communications Prudential Market doesn't retain or distribute physical item directly, we do however coordinate the exchange of products or redeemable vouchers between our clients and our registered distributors or advertising members, of our Sponsors Program.

"Sponsor's and, or Members of Our Sponsor's Program" identify as registered businesses to Prudential Market; these businesses are also registered businesses of legal jurisdictions, with registered and recognized tax identification with the Canadian government.  Who registers as with Prudential Market are merchants, distributors and manufactures of products or redeemable content and through them and our Sponsors Program we organize the passage of invoiced content declared through Prudential Market, platform or affiliated profiles declared as per evets or promotions.  

How Drop-shipping Works

Drop-shipping refers to the process of selling a product offered by another merchant, acquiring the item and organizing it's delivery to purchasing client.  The process is initiated by a web site with checkout ability hosting a product and web customer completing a sales wicket; this initiates sequences, processes and functions administrated by the platform to coordinate sales transaction fulfillment.  The platform is previously instructed as to what products refer to which merchants, and recently instructed by invoice of who as a customer needs how much of which products to where as a destination.  The platform may then present this information for site administrators as well as process certain steps administrated; such as email notification referrals and checkpoint update during delivery sequence.  

How Prudential Market Order Fulfillment Takes Place

Prudential Market's catalog is self administrated and identifies offerings from registered members; our platform recognizes offerings from registered members, presents them available for web traffic to view and registered users purchase.  One a committed purchase from user has been place, our platform then facilitates procurement and organization of services to end consumer.  

Registered Members to Prudential Market:

"Sponsor's" or "Members of Prudential Markets Sponsor Program", are merchants, artists, distributors, manufactures; essentially any accepted and registered for operation with the Canadian government opting to participate in "Prudential Market's Sponsor's Program"; this program extends a range of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) features made available by Prudential Markets platform and business resources.

Registered Sponsors Get:

Each business registered into Prudential Markets Sponsors Program are presented with uniform access to program services; such services provide access marketing channels and event access, as provisioned through Prudential Markets available channels and resources.

Provisioned Resources of Program:

Prudential Market outside of its self identified digital resources such as accessible platform and domains, begins to encompass our teams of Account Managers and Curators.  

Account Mangers provide Sponsor access to program registration, and account brokerage; they provide a check and balance service for Prudential Market and Sponsors alike; through Account Managers members identification is collected, registered and entered into Prudential Markets platform.  Once platform access is recognized; platform access to posting and maintaining listing is also administrated through Account Mangers and processes for collecting information and documents.  These secure channels then contact and coordinate with Curation Teams that physically administrate Prudential Markets platform and digital resources.

Account Managers are regional business contacts; for Sponsors please advise with provisioned Account Manager for account registration and maintenance, as well as event access. 

Platform administration is controlled by Curators this including control of the content declared and published for accessed on platform; content of messages are commonly provisioned from public members and registered Sponsors, however; Curators also have access to tools and resources to self develop content as they need.

Program Catalog Access:

Categories for featured products, Sponsor directory listings, marketplace listings and regular catalog content are provisioned at unlimited interval, provisioned through Account Manager approval and thus, availability.  As stated Account Managers guide collection of information sanctioned for hosting, and forward collected content for Curator purposing and archive.

Prudential Markets Invoice Replication

As members process checkout claims the platform will post a copy of the invoice on the platform and email a copy to provided members address for keeping.  Platform stored copies are accessible for users "My Accounts" dashboard along with other placed invoices composing a history of purchases specific to each user.

The Invoice Side of the Process

When a new invoice registered to the platform it initiates sequences to contact merchants and acquire requested items from their locations of business; this is a simple process executed by email.  Merchants once in reception and review of messages post a reply confirming availability of all items requested, and potentially a timeline for items not currently in their inventory.  A member of a Curation Team will review these merchant replies and coordinate a delivery strategy between all merchants involved in invoiced goods and courier schedule; such member will make arrangement and circulation notifications manually at this point.

Prudential Market Invoice Replication

When a new invoice registered to the platform it initiates sequences to contact merchants and acquire requested items from their locations of business are established; this step establishes verification of order existence with all parties and stands ready to enact, or cancel across all parties; these steps are administrated by Curators and administrated functions of the Prudential Market platform.  Most common form of communication exchange  executed by email, along with digital forms and surveys.

The Fulfillment Side of the Process

Once arraignments are made any new messages in parallel with invoice from the courier service, merchant or customer will then trigger a second round of verification steps; such verifications will trigger automating email responses by the platform; such as emailed order progress notifications.   

Order Cancelation Before Receiving Product;

Product Cancelations, Returns and Warranty Claims

If an order cancelation is required it is suggested to contact [email protected] or [email protected]; please cite that you need to cancel order and invoice number, a representative should set communications in motion ASAP and be in contact with you shortly.  When said Prudential Market representative is in contact they will reverse charges, however; situations will be reviewed case by case and corporate expenses incurred in arraigning orders canceled within 48hrs of final destination delivery will be disputed and retained by the corporation; as well any restocking fee's charged by merchants will be applied. 

Warranty Claims and Returns

Warranty claims and returns are to be handled and disputed with retailing merchant, however; Prudential Market's platform is still here to help.  Use RMA resources of Prudential Market to initiate the process of returning merchandise; our system will handle claims in much the same fashion as it places orders, only this time also includes merchants Account Managers on the circulation CC's.  

Account Managers manage groups of Sponsor's; if their clients are having a bad go with RMA's, it's important these individuals get such info from customers directly and work collaboratively with their clients to better performance. 

Account Managers cant solve all problems but they service an important role of checks and balances ensuring both parties being Prudential Market Sponsors and Prudential Market Customers receive equal representation. 

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