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Products tendered through the Prudential Market platform are to be of common consumer goods spanning various categories from apparel to vehicle accessories, or redeemable vouchers.

  • Prudential Markets Catalog for New and regular supply physical products various categories

  • Marketplace for Used or limited supply physical products

  • Prudential Market Gift Certificates; vouchers of redeemable value for the Prudential Market Platform

  • Feature Specials, campaign highlighted products or redeemable Sponsor features

  • Sponsor Redeemable vouchers = Featured Specials and Marketplace

Product Limitations do exist and include, no food products, no hazardous materials and no trade restricted products; examples: (Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco, Firearms, Fire Works, Explosives, Pharmaceuticals…)

Product production and order fulfillment take place at regional distribution operations like warehouses or fabrication shops of, the product manufacture or regional importer.  Couriers complete exchange to final customer; courier charges and consumers item travel itinerary would be decided and declared at checkout; and on invoice; and on parcel delivery email updates 

Business services offered and accessible through the Prudential Market platform

  • Prudential Market is a publicly accessible domain; free membership, free newsletter and secure checkout; order fulfillment and courier are by third-party vendors

  • Prudential Market Custom Business Services for custom strategies and registered digital productions  

  • Prudential Market’s Sponsor’s Program; subscription-based business marketing services

Prudential Markets Sponsor Program:

  • o   Sell Promotions Through Prudential Market’s Domain and profile affiliated digital platforms

    o   Sell Products from Merchant Inventory through Prudential Market’s Domain and profile affiliated digital platforms

    o   Advertise business brand and contact sources directly in Prudential Market’s Directory Listings, and newsletter banners

    o   Advertise business services and/or products as Prudential Market campaign features;

    o   Participation by Sponsor’s in Campaigns initiates vested nomination leading to community benefit

Prudential Market Promotional Campaigns

Prudential Markets promotional campaigns are a new hybrid style of marketing designed to benefit all parties involves; public web traffic, community organizations, Prudential Market Sponsor’s and Prudential Market.  Each campaign starts with a highlighted campaign topic; sponsors are provided opportunity for participation in campaigns, for which they receive vested nomination, which yields benefit for community organizations; 1% of site Feature Special Sales as benefit Pool.

Feature campaigns start on the 8th and end on the 7th of each month. See schedule for details

Feature extended to active Prudential Market Sponsor’s only

Prudential Market’s campaign schedule and topics are designed to market attention to Sponsor’s that facilitate services relative to campaign topics.  As Sponsor’s participate in making said “Campaigns Prudential”, they declare nomination for a non-for-profit to receive benefit from Prudential Market for said “Sponsor’s” vested investment of time or resources for Prudential Market campaigns or events. 

Our corporate catalog hosted at www.prudentialmarket.net is publicly accessible at any time by web traffic; site traffic will need to register as member before checkout will be able to complete; this is a security feature for user verification.  Billing and payment processing are done by third party contracted vendors, likewise the resources of the webstore and newsletter are assisted by third party contracted vendors, and order fulfillment is done by third-party associated manufacture or distributor; service hours for our order fulfillment and courier service partners may vary; common order deliveries should take place between 2 days and 12 weeks, depending on product distribution center and end delivery destination, combined with logistical factors of moving products through regions.

              The web store is maintained and operated by a team of appointed curators (35 max); these members work remotely with irregular hours but will work together with available store support services to respond to request and comments as soon as possible; we would like to be their immediately all the time but, unfortunately our small team may need to interact with a large volume of requests and conversation that will get processed in submission time stamp sequence and order 

Return merchandise requests are a part of retail business; request are initiated through the platform from the My Accounts page for users; which is a dashboard page for customers to tracks their invoices, from which they may begin their RMA request.  Once a RMA is initiated with the platform administrators are notified using the same methods and channels as when orders are placed; and like the managing of out-going orders, site administrators organize refunds and arraignments for returning merchandise.

Warranty coverage on products exchanged through Prudential Markets platform are only provided by product manufactures; like wise warranty claims will be directed to manufactures directly.

Warranty claims and coverage extended by Prudential Market will be listed and accessible from product listing pages, and accompanying product invoice emails.  Site administrators will process warranty claims if and when relevant to Prudential Market manufactured products.  

It is expected that request for refunds on vouchers purchased through Prudential Market’s platform will happen; this may be an easy or complicated step depending on details of each situation.  

  • Gift Certificates for Prudential Market are tracked and redeemable by the Prudential Market platform, they are for purchase use only, and not exchangeable or refundable for values of currency, however; they are not restricted against use for any product listed in Prudential Markets active or live catalog at time of redemption.
  • Prudential Market Coupons are circulated by Prudential Market only, they are not purchased content and are not redeemable for any value in currency form; like-wise they are not transferable to use in manor other then detailed by coupon; including product described and valid time period displayed

  • Early access vouchers, or event vouchers for Prudential Market are refundable for value in Canadian currency, and will be refunded to financial account used for original purchase

  • Redeemable vouchers for Sponsor’s purchased through Prudential Market’s platform may be refunded if and only by the following methods:

  • A) By Prudential Market if the refund request is activated within 2 day of purchase; 

  • B) Or by Sponsor’s if the product, service, or event is of their distribution; note refunds by Sponsor will need to be disputed with their distribution center and Sponsors refund policies

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